ABOUT ME - Chris McNeill Photography

Hi, my name is Chris McNeill, and I am a Portrait, Wedding & Travel Photographer. I love showing all people how beautiful they really are. I am VERY passionate about my work and the process behind it. I believe if you're not passionate about what you're doing, then why are you spending your time doing it?

I believe that a portrait is not just a photo of you, but it's capturing that moment in your life at that time. Something you can have to always look back on to see how far you've come, or to cherish the memories of those loved ones who aren't around any longer. 

I have spent the last 20 years in big market cities such as NEW YORK CITY, MIAMI, ATLANTA, CHARLESTON and SAVANNAH and have seen it all. I'd love to bring my experiences from there,  along with some new ideas to you and your portrait sessions. 

It's all about what I as a photographer and creator can give to YOU! The experience, the product that is beautiful images, and for you to find your self worth again or for the first time. 

I have had some of my models book acting jobs as well as modeling jobs off my photos of them. It's something that I'm very proud of. So if you would like to have some photos done of yourself that aren't the old run of the mill style, that everyone else does, then please contact me through my CONTACT page and shoot me an email, which is chrismcneillphoto@gmail.com and we can set up a consultation meeting. 

Thanks and God Bless 

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